Release Notes

Ghostly 1.8.0 2020-05-25

Fixed Fixed bug where notification quick-buttons sometimes would disappear.

Ghostly 1.7.0 2020-05-14

New feature Added button to refresh individual notifications.
New feature Added swipe button for moving notifications
New feature Added swipe button for opening notification in browser
Improved Improved touch support

Ghostly 1.6.0 2020-05-08

Fixed Notifications marked as read in GitHub was sometimes not marked as read in Ghostly.
New feature Added link to review account permissions.

Ghostly 1.5.0 2020-05-06

Fixed Fixed a query parsing bug that made it impossible to search for a single word without quoting it
New feature Added ARM32 support. Ghostly now runs better on your Windows 10 tablet!

Ghostly 1.4.0 2019-11-14

Fixed Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Ghostly 1.3.3 2020-10-13

Fixed Fixed issue where synchronization would take longer than it had to.
Fixed Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
New feature Added auto completion for Ghostly's query language. This should make it easier to create filters, rules, and write queries.

Ghostly 1.2.1 2020-09-25

Fixed Fixed a lot of synchronization issues.
Fixed Changes from background synchronization should now update the UI if Ghostly is running.
Fixed Archiving all items in a category should make them as read as well.
Fixed Archive all should only marked unread items as read.
Fixed Remove delay when showing or hiding category badges.
Fixed Some commands were executed on the UI thread which would make Ghostly unresponsive.
Fixed Fixed issue where navigation list sometimes had an incorrect palette in dark mode.
New feature Categories can now have custom icons. 🎉
New feature The master/detail view can now be resized.

Ghostly 1.1.2 2020-09-12

New feature Added button to run a single rule.
New feature Translated Ghostly to Swedish (sv-SE).
New feature Translated Ghostly to English (en-GB).

Ghostly 1.0.6 2020-08-29

New feature Added button to open notification in browser.
New feature Added context menu to open notification in browser.
Improved Show number of unread items for each category when navigation pane is collapsed.

Ghostly 1.0.5 2020-08-26

Fixed Emojis in labels should now appear correctly.
New feature Added "Mark all as read" context menu for categories.
New feature Added "Archive all" context menu for Inbox.
Improved Shows progress dialog for long running operations such as moving, archiving and marking notifications as read.

Ghostly 1.0.4 2020-08-23

Fixed Issues not synchronizing sometimes.
Fixed Show rate limit time in local timezone.
Fixed Do not attempt to synchronize notifications from private repositories if user don't have permission to see private repositories.
Improved Better handling of rate limits.

Ghostly 1.0.0 2020-08-23

New feature First release of Ghostly! 🎉